Why HTML5 Rocks

  HTML5 introduces many cutting-edge features that enable developers to create apps and websites with the functionality, speed, performance, and experience of desktop applications. But unlike desktop applications, apps built on the web platform can reach a much broader audience using a wider array of devices. HTML5 accelerates the pace of innovation and enables the […]

Why magazine readers are losing out on the ipad.

At its core, a tablet is a mobile connected device. As you consider these three words, you will likely reach the conclusion that as the push into the tablet space accelerates, magazine app developers may not have spent muc h time considering these same words. The dearth of press releases about native, and sometimes mobile […]

Why I’m betting on editors.

Being the editor of a magazine is one of the most complex, challenging and high-risk jobs you can have in media. In fact, the business model of publishing requires some of the most finely tuned content skills in the media industry. (Full disclosure, I am not an editor) First you have to identify a reader; […]

Re-examining Magazine ROI in the US

Subscription trends and more recently digital salesĀ define the relative success of a magazine in the US. But in reality, these numbers don’t actually matter a great deal when assessing the prospects of a magazine brand. Why? Well because these metrics only tell you about net incomeĀ and during periods of disruption, as we are now in, […]

The giants of social media cometh.

As media consumption habits change, so does the potential for magazine media companies to take advantage of the disruptive space and become giants in the world of social media. In fact, the social power of magazines is self-evident. There is no other medium that can so precisely cluster people of similar interest around such a […]

The iPad is a distraction

flipping pages

The iPad is a distraction. I heard that at a conference once in 2010. Silence, chatter and finally protestation at the heresy followed the statement, but all I could think was thank goodness someone said it. Don’t get me wrong, I never stop using my shiny new iPad2, but that doesn’t change the fact that […]